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How SHC can help...


business planning

It all starts with an idea. Closing the wage gap, empowering the disenfranchised, creating environmental sustainability, lowering costs for marginalized groups, eliminating barriers. From idea to model, SHC will improve on your social impact idea by helping you plan ahead. SHC offers three tiers of business planning solutions that range in complexity and depth, and may include other services, such as pitch coaching and networking in the startup and social enterprise spaces.

Project management

You've got a great team, a great idea, and a great plan, but you're all moving a million miles per second in different directions. Let SHC help. We'll keep you organized, goal-oriented, and focused on tackling critical path items.

pre- and post-pitch coaching

Pitching doesn't always mean you're going in front of venture capitalists or giving up equity in exchange for funding (although it could, and SHC helps with that too), but it also means refining your sales pitch, your messaging, or simply trying to reach the right people. It could be an elevator pitch, a 5-minute presentation, or an in-depth 30 minute feature at a conference where you'll achieve high visibility for your business.  SHC will help you define your pitch goal, refine your message, and nail the presentation. 

b corp certification

Harvard Business Review states that becoming a B Corp can be the single best decision your start-up makes. Set up your business for success early by applying to be a B Corp. As a company nearing a Pending B Corp Certification status, SHC can help you identify the low-hanging fruit of B Corp Certification. 

business development

The idea is there and the plan is in place, but you're moving faster than you can handle. You need someone to be your advocate, help you train your sales force, and take the lead while you manage the rest of your business. SHC provides customer relationship management, development of sales protocols, refinement of sales messaging, sales team training and management, team building, and help establishing meaningful corporate partnerships. This relationship is usually part-time with a retainer fee.

team building

Every team, yes even the co-founders, needs refinement in work habits and cohesion on mission, vision, and values. SHC provides a much needed outside perspective and an unmitigated candor to address and solve those issues head on, eliminating tension along the bumpy ride that is the start-up journey.