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Startup Hacker Consulting: because there's no such thing as being too prepared

80% of businesses fail in the first 18 months due to incomplete planning
— Bloomberg Research

closing social gaps & raising equity for all through sustainable business solutions

Our Mission

SHC is determined to deliver strategies that equip purpose-driven businesses and social entrepreneurs with the tools to sustain their businesses and solve social problems. SHC's purpose is to streamline your work through business planning and strategy solutions in order to eliminate pain points, freeing you up to focus on what's important: advancing your social cause through growing your business or organization. 

Our Vision

SHC envisions significant and meaningful contributions to the eradication of major humanitarian crises and the demolition of social barriers. In order to get there, SHC champions and catalyzes businesses whose reasons for existing are intimately tied to solving social problems. Fortunately, corporate environment is shifting rapidly towards conscious capitalism and social entrepreneurship, while consumers are turning more and more to conscious consumption. Within the foreseeable future, by leveraging the necessary and intrinsic tie between financial success and social impact, organizations will have the flexibility to finally realize that vision.

Our Values

Candor: Transparency, openness, and honesty are essential parts of a meaningful client relationships. Through candor, SHC can ask the important questions and lead clients over critical hurdles.

Collaboration: By championing teamwork, thought diversity leads teams to the most effective and efficient problem solving.

Integrity: SHC believes that what you do when no one is watching is the testament of true character. Doing the right thing is more than a phrase, it's a lifestyle that permeates through clients to elicit results where everyone's heads remain well above water during trials and tribulations.

Intimacy: SHC's clients are not faceless names; SHC takes pride in understanding what makes the team behind the company tick, forging lasting and genuine connections.

Startup Hacker Consulting might just be your "first follower" or your key influencer to support you on your journey. Whether you're an aspiring social entrepreneur or a purpose-driven company looking to grow, your organization needs effective followers to lift you up. Startup Hacker Consulting seeks engagement opportunities with revolutionary disruptors in the social impact space to align as their first followers by supporting them in business planning & development and revenue strategy.

Are you a revolutionary disruptor?

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Drew is a leader, able to spearhead new projects and create community around others’ passions. He has continually explored new ways to support our venture and contributed to execution.
— Alessandra Desiderio, Founder of The Bridge Effect
Drew has taught me so much about managing the business side of a creative organization and is a master of structure, organization, and format. He helped me with price strategy when I was at wit’s end. Anyone would be lucky to hire him to discover genuine business development solutions for their social impact organization.
— Crystal Vales, Principal Consultant at Vorpal Sabre

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